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Welcome to Travel Lite that ensures for a soulful trip and mindboggling experience of visiting India. India is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Southern Asia. It is a vast country and the foundation of earliest civilization with wealthy cultural legacy and heritage. Experience the sights and sounds of its top notch variety that is entrenched in its geography, people and their principles and cultures. Explore the presents of nature and the eternal inscriptions of man-kind that dot the panorama of this nation. Nonchalant hill stations, wild-life, adventure destinations and beaches give one of the satisfactory and best holidays or vacationing options that you would have somewhere in the world.

Incomparable treasures of ancient civilization in the shape of carcases and excavations, the tall standing structures of the medieval times reflecting the splendour, reproduction and structure of instances long gone by using and the achievements of present day India, all beckon you to discover them further and satisfy your curiosity. Notice the modifications in factors of way of life of its regions such as the folklore, music, dance forms, gown and ornament forms, languages, dialects as properly as foods and drinks as you network the size and breadth of the country. Travel Lite takes you to this exquisite learning, revitalizing and joyous ride through its various India tour and holiday packages.

India is a land of captivating tradition and various landscapes, and hordes of globetrotters come to soak in its majestic charm. Its long history, which dates returned to thousands of years, is every other thing that attracts many people. Tourists looking to discover India are sprinkled with more than a few choices, as there are limitless traveller destinations in India that they can visit.


If you are a journey lover, you can go for hiking or rock climbing in the north, and if you elegant beaches, then the southern and western phase of this nation anticipates you. Also, you can locate extremely good picks to spend your very romantic honeymoon vacation trips in India. Among all other destinations Goa is constantly all time favourite for travellers across the world. There are variety of choices available for resorts in Goa from luxurious to affordable, budget to premium.

India is also praised for its non-secular background where different religions are revered by heart.  This is also a factor that humans love to explore. To cater to them, Travel Lite also offers numerous India tour applications that take visitors to holy and religious locations like Haridwar, Kedarnath, Rishikesh, Badrinath, Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari, Jammu, Katra, Madurai, and many more.  If you are a nature lover or wildlife enthusiast, you can seem to be for India travel & tour packages that are centred round dense national parks and sanctuaries. Embark on a trip with Travel Lite and revel in a fascinating, exhilarating expedition that will stay in your memory for lifetime.